Who can have an IUD?

Everyone! It is an urban myth that you have to have had a baby before you can have an IUD. They are very suitable, highly effective and convenient forms of contraception for anyone with a uterus. There are a few rare medical conditions that mean an IUD would not be a suitable option, so if you have any health issues you should let the clinician know.

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At the Coil Clinic we aim to make the process of getting contraceptive or menopause care as simple as possible. Simply schedule an appointment at time and date that suits you, then meet with the doctor and receive your treatment.

  • Contraceptive Coils & Impants


    A choice of Hormonal and Non Hormonal Coils & Impants.

    • Inital Consulation

    • Contraceptice Device Removal

    • Contraceptive Device Insertion

  • Menopause Advice and Treatment from


    A holistic approach to menopause management

    • Menopause Consulation

    • Advice on medication inc HRT

    • Bloods taken if required