Kyleena Coil

The Kyleena contraceptive coil is a trusted companion for up to five years, offering reliable protection with its discreet, T-shaped design. With its low-dose hormone formulation, it not only prevents unplanned pregnancies but also has the potential to lighten menstrual periods. Known for its efficacy and convenience, Kyleena empowers women to take charge of their reproductive health and live life on their terms, without compromising on peace of mind.

  • Frequency

    Replacement Every 5 years

  • Effectiveness

    Over 99% Effectiveness

  • Blood Clot Risk

    No Risks of Blood Clots

  • Effect on fertility

    No Effect on Fertility

Image of a Kyleena Contraceptive implant on a green background

Book Your Kyleena Coil Appointment Today

When you choose The Coil Clinic for your appointment, rest easy knowing that our dedicated doctors, who specialize in fitting the Kyleena contraceptive coil, will provide you with the best possible treatment. Your satisfaction and health are our utmost priorities!

  • Private Kyleena Coil Fitting

    For every woman considering having a Kyleena coil fitted for contraceptive purposes.


    Whats Included

    • A consultation with Dr Smith
    • Full history taking and pelvic examination
    • Blood pressure assessment
    • Contraception review
    • Removal of existing coil (if reqiured)
    • Fitting of the contraceptive coil
    • Guidance on what to do after the fitting
  • Private Kyleena Coil Removal

    Every woman with a Kyleena coil needs it to be removed or replaced every 5 years.


    Whats Included

    • A consultation with Dr. Smith
    • Full history taken
    • Removal of contraceptive coil
    • Contraception review

What past patients say...

Dr Smith has been fitting contraceptive devices for over 15 years, and has received many compliments, below are just a few.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Kyleena Coil