What are the threads and how do I feel for them?

The threads of the IUD are attached to the end of the device and can be felt at the cervix which is at the top of the vagina. We ask women to check their own threads 6 weeks after insertion to ensure the device has not been expelled and that a perforation did not occur at the time of insertion. Your cervix is at the top of the vagina and feels firm like your nose, and you can feel the threads at the centre of it. If you cannot feel the threads, or aren’t sure about what you feel, contact us on 0131 536 1070, it is important to use additional contraception such as condoms until it has been checked. Also, don’t panic, on most occasions the threads can be seen when we look inside, and if not we can book an ultrasound scan appointment to make sure the IUD is in the right place.

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