Private Menopause Clinic

Your Menopause Clinic in Edinburgh

Are you experiencing the symptoms of menopause and seeking specialised care? Then The Coil Clinic can help, We are a private specialist menopause clinic servicing patients in and around Edinburgh.

Our clinic is dedicated to providing comprehensive and personalised treatment for women going through this transitional phase of their lives. With the help of our experienced menopause specialist, Dr Catherine Smith, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality care from an experienced and qualified British Menopause Society specialist.

If you’re experiencing hot flushes, mood swings, or other menopausal symptoms, Dr Smith can help with your discomfort and improve your well-being.


Book A Private Menopause Consultation

Book Your Private Menopause Consultation

  • Private Menopause Consultation

    You will receive a bespoke menopause treatment programme created just for you.


    Whats Included

    • 40 min consultation with Dr Smith
    • Holistic approach to menopause management
    • Advice on medication including HRT
    • Private prescriptions for any medications that might be required
    • Blood tests carried out if required

Help when you need it

The beneifts of seeking private menopase care

Longer Appointments

Your initial consulation will last 40 minutes, during which time Dr Smith will take a full history and get to you know as a person as well as a patient.

Shorter Waiting Times

We offer apppointments into the evenings and on Saturdays, so you hopefully can find a time thats convenient to you.

Access to treatment not on the NHS

Being private means we can perscribe treatments that are not yet availabe from your NHS GP.

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What past patients say...

Dr Smith has been treating menopause symptoms for nearly 20 years. Over that time, she has received many compliments; below are just a few.